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May 01st | 2019

Brexit extension and chances of a no deal becoming less likely, the early signs.

Buyers with nothing to sell have been trickling back into the market in recent weeks, there is a sense that people’s lives have been on hold for long enough and they just want to get on with it. I think the extension and the fact, that chances of a no deal have decreased significantly, will hopefully turn this trickle into a flow.

I would imagine the same to be true of Vendors, they have been trickling back, compared to the start of the year, I would expect more property to come to the market, particularly now the Easter period is behind us.

Values have softened over the last 12 months or so, however I think Brexit is now priced into the market and it has stabilised. I don’t really see any significant price fluctuations through the remainder of 2019.

I realise I’m not providing  you, with the winning lottery numbers, just my humble opinion and observations.

Kind regards

David Cantell owner of Cantell and Co estate agents Richmond TW10 6DG


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