Steps to renting

Renting a property through Cantell & Co is simple with the help of professional and experienced letting agents. You will have the continuity of one person looking after you through the referencing and moving in process. All costs are discussed upfront and we will provide you with a ‘How to Rent’ guide which explains the process in detail; very useful if you are new to renting.

Finding the right property

Decide on a budget, what you are comfortable spending each month factoring in your utility bills and the council tax. Look at your preferred move in date – most properties are shown 6 to 8 weeks before their availability date – though some may be available sooner. You probably have an idea of number of bedrooms needed, your ideal location and the length of tenancy you would like. Let us know all of the above and we can help you find a good match

Making an offer

Once we have helped you find a property you like – Let us know the level of your offer, your proposed move in date and how long you wish the tenancy to be for. You may have conditions of an offer, for instance that the bedroom is painted; make it clear in writing what you are basing your offer on.

Offer accepted

We may ask you to make a commitment deposit – up to one week’s rent, once received the property will be taken off the market and this will be taken off the first month’s rent. 

For details of all fees costs and charges payable by our tenants, please reference ‘What else you should know.’ – at the bottom of this page.

The Process

Once the Tenancy terms have been agreed, we will start the referencing – this will be undertaken by an independent referencing company. We will prepare and send you the Tenancy Agreement to sign, this should always be read very carefully and do not hesitate to call us if you have any queries before signing. And we will be busy organising a  clean of the property and booking an independent inventory clerk who will note the condition of the property you are moving into. Before your move in day we will need your move in monies as cleared funds in our account, which include a security deposit of up to 5 weeks’ rent and the rest of your first month’s rent.

What else you should know

We register your security deposit with MYDEPOSITS a government approved scheme and we safe guard it in a protected bank account. You will be sent a Deposit Certificate with the details on it along with further information about the deposit scheme. The independent inventory company will catalogue the condition of the property and any furniture before you move in.  This is to safe guard you and your Landlord in case of any perceived or actual damage during your tenancy.  At the end of your tenancy, we will talk you through what condition you are expected to leave the property in. We encourage all Landlords to have a full professional clean before you move in and when they do, you will be expected to return the property with the same standard of clean as you leave. Management of your property will either be by your Landlord directly,(in which case we will provide you with their contact details) or by Cantell & Co.  If your property is managed by us, we will provide you with a number that you can contact us on 24 hours a day. Utility Bills and Council Tax are your responsibility during the tenancy term. You will need to inform the utility companies that you are now responsible for the bills, and let the council know you are the occupiers. Although insuring the building itself is the landlord’s responsibility, it is a good idea to insure your own possessions. 

Potential Charges and costs during your Tenancy. 

Monies are due in respect of the utilities, Council Tax and if applicable, communication services such as broadband, and TV licencing.

Replacement of lost keys: The Tenant may be charged reasonable costs.

Changes to the Tenancy such as adding an additional Tenant mid term: The Tenant may be charged  £50.00

Early Termination of the Tenancy with the Landlord’s permission: The Tenant may be asked for reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord.

The security deposit will be registered with MyDeposits, which is government-registered scheme, and held in a protected bank account.

Cantell and Co do not charge any referral fees or % uplift on contractor’s invoices.

Cantell & Co’s are members of the redress scheme The Property Ombudsman

Cantell & Co are members of My Deposits

Cantell and Co are members of Client Money Protect

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